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Ägrett International is an export trade company.

We assist companies to buy, sell and distribute their products and services.

Ägrett acts as global wholesale merchant and distributor.

We are your company's consultants for market development and internationalization.



International trade is a key factor for economic development.

Export is the best way for SMEs to reduce dependency on domestic markets.

Reinforces the competitiveness of companies and empowers their sustainability in the long range.

We give support to businesse in purchases and sales distribution.

Our areas of operation are in the fields of sales & marketing, strategic management,
market research, promotion, distribution,
procurement,  and supply chain management.



The mind and heart of the company are based in Finland, in the North of Europe.

A trend setting, global center for technology and design.

The leading geographic areas of specialization are the Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe.

Africa and Latin America are also remarkable areas of attention.





Market development
Channel management 
Sales management


Market research
Brand Management
Advertising support
Promotional campaigns
Trade show exhibitions

Supply Chain

Trade regulatory compliance
Inventory management
Warehousing storage and shipping



Comes from a colloquial name of heron.

These species are known by their sophisticated lines, subtle style, astute hunting skills.

They also have a global presence due to migrating trips worldwide.

The name Ägrett relates from a main ornament as well.

It has been used primarily in hats, helmets or directly in the hair,

and paired in some occasions with precious stones.

Worn worldwide as a classical synonym of honor and respect.




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